Consultation on Cloud Computing Research Innovation Challenges for WP 2018-2020

The European Commission has launched a consultation to all interested stakeholders on the future research and innovation challenges, in the area of Cloud Computing, to be addressed in the forthcoming Work Programme 2018-2019.

The consultation will be open until Monday, 10 October 2016.

A Post-Consultation Workshop will be held in Brussels on Monday, 7 November 2016. All contributors can be selected as invited speakers to this workshop.

ASCETiC First Workshop

ASCETiC first workshop on Tools for Energy Efficient Cloud Computing is held in conjunction with CLOSER and SMARTGREENS, 23-25 April in Rome.

Those interested in participate can check the Call for Papers already published. Deadline for contributions is January 29th.

See you in Rome!

ASCETiC Second Review Meeting

The second review of the project takes place in November 5th, Brussels.

During this meeting ASCETiC presents its high quality results regarding intra-layer adaptation based on costs, energy consumption and performance.

The ASCETiC team worked harder to present significant results.

ASCETiC at Cloud Forward Conference 2015

Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues was officially presented at Cloud Forward Conference, 6th-8th October in Pisa. And ASCETiC was also presented there through the Cluster.

Some discussions about next steps in the Inter-Cloud cluster were kept and cross-activities with other clusters were discussed during the different sessions.

To see more about what was discussed there visit the conference website.

Inter-Cloud Cluster

The Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues Cluster aims to address the topic of multi-cloud and inter-cloud approaches sharing experiences between related FP7 and H2020 projects, collaborating on approaches and discussing challenges for adoption and future research,

This cluster is lead by the ASCETiC project.

To see more about enroled projects, results and next steps visit the Cluster site.

ASCETiC 2nd Release

ASCETiC has officially released its second year Cloud stack offering intra-layer adaptation capabilities.

Do you want to know more about energy optimisation? Visit our website.

You can also have a look to our Open Source code and clone our repository on GitHub!

ASCETiC Intra-layer Cloud stack adaptation

ASCETiC has solved this year the key research challenge of performing self-adaptation on a per layer basis, taking adaptive actions based on price, energy consumed and performance.

To see the contribution of ASCETiC to science and to see what each component of the ASCETiC Toolbox is doing, have a look to our new documents.

ASCETiC and Energy Providers

During this year ASCETiC has been investigated on the relationship between data centre owners and energy providers and how ASCETiC can influence on it.

Different pricing schemes and business models have been developed taking into account concepts such as demand response and consumption patterns.

To learn more about the relation between ASCETiC and energy providers have a look to our Y2 documents.

Updates on ASCETiC Architecture

ASCETiC has update its architecture on Y2 in order to implement intra-layer adaptation.

New technical requirements, a new architecture diagram and updated verifcation and validation processes have been published.

Have a look to see what's new on ASCETiC!!

ASCETiC First review meeting

The first review meeting of ASCETiC takes place on November 9th, Brussels.
This is the opportunity to show the high quality of the results obtained this year regarding static energy efficiency.

The ASCETiC team is working hard to succeed on the evaluation.