Verification & Validation Approach (Year 1)

Due to the lack of Energy resources, gaining in energy efficiency is a very cost effective way to enhance security of the energy supply while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Although Cloud computing offers the potential for energy saving through centralisation of computing and storage technologies at large data and computing centres, few mechanisms have been explored and exploited so far to reduce energy consumption. This document presents the Validation & Verification approach for the ASCETiC project with respect to the requirements and architecture, respectively described in their correspondent documents also available at the website. The principles presented will be applied during the 3 years of the project, although the document is only focused on Year 1 (energy awareness). The validation relies on scenarios from the Industry Pilot cases. The verification addresses different key aspects of ASCETiC, including testbeds, IaaS components, PaaS components, SaaS components, integration of the different architecture layers, cloud environment. The different ASCETiC artefacts are also inspected through manual and automated analysis.